The surface control part / The FlySky transmitters purchase guide


We recommend the FS-GT2E for two channel remote control. The GT2E is quite light and convenient device , powered by 4 AA batteries, only 239g without batteries; it has full functions like channel reverse, fine adjustment and direction DR. At the same time, it has a PPM interface to connect the dongle to use simulator software like VRC.


We recommend the FS-GT3C for a three channel remote control. The Gt3C is a one-way gun control with display screen, powered by a detachable lithium battery, and has its own charging interface which can be charged by using standard USB cable. The screen menu has the functions of MODEL、NAME、REV、E.POINT、TRIM、D/R、EXP、ABS (model, model naming, channel reverse, maximum rudder amount, fine adjustment, rudder amount proportion, curve, anti lock brake) and other functions only available for advanced remote controllers. Among them, the ‘MODEL’ can be set with 20 groups of models, and one remote controller can be configured with 20 vehicle models or boat models.


We recommend the FS-iT4S for four channel control. The FS-iT4S is a 2A generation integrated gun control with resistive touch screen. The iT4S can switch to the 1st generation system through the menu in the screen. At the same time, it is the only gun control with two-way return function in all the 2A generation products. It can be used with the A series and C series sensors to detect the temperature, speed, battery voltage and other information of the model. In addition, the iT4S can be used with the gyroscope receivers FS-BS3 and FS-BS4. As a comprehensive control, it also has boat mode and climbing simulation mode, it can store 20 groups of models, has USB simulator function, and the receiver can output PPM models.


The FS-GT5 is recommended for climbing simulation and others require multiple channels. The GT5 is a 6-channel gun control, which is built for climbing simulation. It has 2 knob channels, 1 key channel and 1 3-gear switch. The antenna can be folded and stored, and it is compatible with 4 AA batteries and 2S batteries.


The NB4 is a high-end gun control designed for competition. The unique design concept of hardware and software combined with the novel appearance and the comfortable hand feel make it a very popular gun control. In response to the requirements of the mass users, the NB4 has further developed a multi-channel version to surprise the users of simulation climbing. Now the NB4 has frequently appeared in the competitive arena and simulation climbing parties.


It has a 180 degree free rotating hand wheel, 2600mAh + 4300mAh large capacity dual battery, full color capacitive touch screen, three languages of Chinese, English and Japanese, USB simulator and etc


The iT4s and the NB4 mentioned above have the function of USB simulator. You can use the remote control as a USB HID device and a game controller.

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