Flysky seeks partnership announcement for new agreement "i-Bus2"

Based on the "new agreement i-Bus2" project, Flysky Company is openly seeking partners for cooperative development and sincerely invites companies in related fields around the world to exchange and cooperate.


One:  The purpose of cooperation

  Renewing industry foundation, eliminating old technology, cooperating with all fields in the industry, expanding the usage of i-BUS2 users in the market, and innovate the industry.


Two:   Cooperation areas

          1. ESC field of electronic governor

          2. The field of servos

          3. Open source / closed source flight control field

          4. Field of image transmission


 Three:  Contact information

  If you are interested, please send an email or contact us through the following methods.


  WeChat WeChat: loulixin1233

  Facebook: Lison Lou

  Contact: Mr. Lou / lison


  April 22, 2020


  Attachment: Introduction of the new agreement "i-Bus2"

  New protocol "i-BUS2"!


One:  What is i-BUS2?

  The i-Bus 2 is a serial single-wire serial bus that allows connection to sensors, servos, electronic governors, expanders and other peripheral compatible receivers.

  The receiver has an i-Bus 2 three-pin output port, including power, i-BUS2 bus data and ground.  i-Bus 2 uses a tree topology.  The receiver port is the root port and has two types of connectable devices:

  ● The equipment conforms to the single input port electronic equipment of i-Bus 2 specification.  It can be a sensor, digital servo, analog servo adapter, electronic governor or any other kind of single input port peripheral device.  Some devices return a value to the receiver.  Depending on the type of device, this value can be temperature, voltage, current, altitude, GPS location, etc.

  ● The expander is a special peripheral device that allows multiple devices or other expanders to be connected to the serial bus 2 output port.  The expander has one input port connected to the receiver or the output port of another expander, and 2 to 7 input ports connected to any device or other expander. The maximum number of connected devices through the expander can reach 49 (7 * 7 )! 

  The receiver is mainly responsible for managing the entire bus.  The receiver sends the channel position to all peripheral devices, reads and stores the values of all peripheral devices, and then transmits them back to the inverter.  The inverter can read and write parameters to any external setting of i-Bus 2 by receiving.  Parameters have types and values.  The supported parameter types depend on the type of peripheral device.  Reading and writing parameters may allow configuring and retrieving the configuration of peripheral devices or performing any task such as calibration.


 2. What are the advantages of i-BUS2?

  Currently there are Futaba S.Bus, Flysky i-BUS, Vbar, and Frsky F.Port on the market.  Since we already have many agreements, why do we have i-BUS2 protocol?  What are the differences and advantages of i-BUS2 over S.Bus / i-BUS?  The following will introduce the huge innovations of i-BUS2:

  ● The baud rate of i-BUS2 reaches 1.5M!  Compared with other protocols, the extension is at least 10 times greater.  This greatly reduce the communication delay between the receiver and the device.


                                      Baud rate

 SBus                            100000

 FrSky Smartport        57600

 FrSky F.port               115200

 Vbar                            38400



  ● The maximum data volume of i-BUS2 in a single transmission can reach 64bit (byte), while Vbar is 12bit and Frsky F.Port is 4bit; for large data volume sensors such as GPS, IBUS2 can directly transmit data in one packet;

  ● The receiver of the i-BUS2 protocol is equipped with an expander to connect up to 49 peripheral devices!

  ● I-BUS2 subversion covers the traditional parameter adjustment method on the device, so that each device supports the command position!  The frequency converter can directly adjust the peripheral device parameters through the i-BUS2 protocol.

  ● I-BUS2 can support 65536 parameters for each connected device, making it double the precision of device parameter adjustment!  Adjusting servo gear, electronic governor, flight control system, image transmission, turbojet engine, distribution board and other equipment to more precision.

  ● Can customize and develop the tuning parameters you need.  i-BUS2 also extends custom parameter adjustment items for peripheral equipment manufacturers to improve functions of peripheral equipment.

  Examples of assistant configuration information:

  ● Electronic governor: start acceleration data range 0-15, accuracy 1 (level 1, level 2, level 3, ..., level 16)

  ● Servo: speed data range 0-100.  , Accuracy 1

  ● Flight control: accelerometer * 3 data range 0-65535, accuracy 1 (XYZ three axis)

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