AIR TRANSMITTERS / The purchase guide of the FlySky remote controls


The Flysky remote controls has three generations: the AFHDS3 , the AFHDS2A and the AFHDS (referred to as Generation 1, Generation 2A and Generation 3 products respectively). The Generation 3 products are not compatible with the Generation 2A and the Generation 1 products. And The Generation 2A products can switch the protocol to the AFHDS to be compatible with the AFHDS receivers.

In the first generation of products, the FS-T4B is a simple 4-channel board control. The CT6B and T6 are 6-channel. The T6 has a 128 * 64 black-and-white dot matrix screen, and the CT6B can be configured through host computer software.

Among the 2A generation products: for beginners, the FS-I6 and the FS-i6X are highly commended, both of which have the Chinese and the English firmware. The FS-i6 has many firmware and YouTube guidance resources developed by the fans. The FS-i6X upgrades the main chip and takes the USB function, which can be directly connected to the USB simulator software. The I6x takes 10 channel firmware as factory setting, and its switch can be changed to gear 2 or gear 3 by users. 

The FS-i6S is specially designed for multi axis, with options of Chinese and English firmware, capacitive touch screen, optional mobile phone bracket, and two wave wheels in the shoulder. Because of the existence of these two wave wheels , the i6S is also suitable for engineering vehicle models such as tanks and excavators.

For those who like open source systems  , the NV14 and FS-TH9X are recommended here. The Nv14 is a model introduced by Flysky in 2018, with the Hall assembly base, capacitive touch color screen and unique handle structure, the Nv14 are adored by many model fans.  THE TH9X is a classic open source control, highly recommended for those like heavy touch control.

The FS-i4X is an upgrade of the FS-i4.The FS-I4x has great value for money; it brushes 10 channel firmware as factory setting. As long as the users add switches and knobs, it can be upgraded to 10 channels;

In addition, the i4X can be paired with all the 1st and 2A generation receivers of Flysky; and the PPM / PWM and Ibus / sbus switching can also be operated on the receivers.


The 2A generation of board control also contains the FS-i8 and the FS-i10. The i10 has a detachable lithium battery, and a vertical resistive touch color screen. It carries the bilingual icon control developed by Flysky which is a breakthrough in remote control area, the i8 is the simplified 8-channel version based on the i10.

Finally, here comes the Paladin PL18, the flagship product launched in 2019.

The PL18 is equipped with the latest generation 3 protocol of Flysky, with lower delay, strong anti-interference and can operate over long distances. Its high-frequency performance can compete with the world's best remote controller. At present, the delay within 10ms can only be achieved by a few top board controllers in the world.

The self-contained FRM301 high frequency head can measure the remote control distance of 5km, and the optional FRM302 high frequency head can measure the remote control distance of more than 35 km. The PL18 supports external high-frequency heads, with a built-in 4300mAh large capacity lithium battery, supports wireless charging, with a capacitor touch color screen, bilingual Chinese and English, with voice and vibration prompts, and sufficient physical switches and knobs. The PL18 adopts the Hall gimbals and metal panel, whose texture and touch feel are highly praised by professional pilots and fans as soon as they are listed. In addition, the PL18 software has comprehensive functions, which can be used for fixed wings, gliders and delta wings of various airfoils, helicopters of various condition modes, as well as models of sailboats, real ships, crossing planes, multi axes, engineering vehicles, ships, tanks, iron amour, etc. It is the best choice for all kinds of players.


Here is the advanced road map of the Flysky board control. Flysky ashes fans may go through one or two upgrading routes.

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